Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

In-house counsellors would help those mentally distraught to cope with their problems and maintain productivity.

Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association (MIASA) president Anita Abu Bakar

In the labour market, more and more employees are suffering from stress and burnout. They may also face personal issues which may affect their work performance, health, absenteeism rates, focus and even levels of motivation.

However, the stigma of meeting a mental health professional may be so bad that it causes the individual to suffer silently and unknown to their people around them. They may fear being judged by others or fear causing a black mark on their employment history. In our EAP program, we dedicate a team of licensed counsellors to consult individual employees, to meet outside of their workplace and to maintain the strictest confidentiality between counsellor and client.


  • To improve the efficiency and productivity of the employee individually or in groups at times of change.
  • To improve job satisfaction and help retain the loyalty of employees.
  • To counsel staff who are undergoing personal matters, interpersonal relationship issues, redundancy, preparing for retirement or experiencing burnouts.
  • To create a happier and more harmonious workplace.
  • To share information through talks on various psychological practices to improve wellbeing and to manage stress.
  • To help the organization offer assistance and a friendly environment for their staff who seek mental help.

Why it is good for your company?

  • Research shows that companies with an EAP in the place can save a lot on healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism levels and increase productivity levels.
  • Employees would be more open to talk about their problems to a neutral third party.
  • The sessions would remain private and confidential and case histories would not be shared unless required by law.
  • The management will receive a general quantitative report from us about the type of cases we have handled so far.

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