In the Chinese system of acupuncture, the practitioners use needles to balance ones energy field to promote good health and positive emotions. However, in EFT, all one needs to do is to tune into a problem by thinking about it and then tapping on the meridian points to activate and stimulate them. By doing this, it effectively releases your negative energies, emotions and physical symptoms to give you a balanced and harmonious energy field.

Another important step is called the set up. Here, you set up your energy system by acknowledging whatever issues you have within you and learn to accept it. Then you create a general affirmation statement and keep repeating it throughout the EFT process so that you can achieve lasting and positive changes.

EFT has been widely used in the western world and is relatively new to Asia. So here, we explore the many benefits and uses of it. Probably one of the most important benefit is EFT is relaxation. It helps to calm and relax you quickly. Also, it can be used to help relieve stress and reduce your levels of anxiety, not to mention to sleep better at night. With EFT, you can manage your emotions. You will be able to feel calmer or think clearer. Through that, you can also improve your self-image and feel much more confident about yourself.

One very interesting use of it is that it can help control your cravings. This will lead to your losing weight and looking fitter and healthier. It also applies to decreasing your cravings of smoking, alcohol or other addictive behaviours. There is just so much more that EFT can help with.

So now can you see the wonders of EFT? How it brings about tremendous benefit in terms of emotional and physical health and wellbeing. All you need is an open mind and the side effects, are always positive.

So it's certainly worth a try. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain!