Sleep Talk Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Hi Elis, when I first started Sleep Talk, results was slow. Now Sue has become more confident and she has been talking a lot lately outside the home. She also has more friends and frets if she can?t go to kindergarten when she?s sick! When the new school year starts in a couple of days, I know there will be no more crying and clinging on to me. Sue has been asking when she can see her friends again! Thank you once again!


(note: Sue had selective mute syndrome, but not anymore.)

Testimonial 2

I signed up for Sleep Talk because I was desperate because my youngest son always fights with his elder siblings. He only sticks to my wife and me and never plays with his siblings. Even if he does, he is a sore loser and will cry and scream if he losses. But Sleep Talk was amazing. I slowly noticed that he starts to talk and joke with his siblings. He does share toys and plays together now. Even if he losses (he is bad in games) he only pull a long face and wants to play again. My children are happier now and there is more peace at home. Thanks for all your help.

S. Koh

Testimonial 3

"Raising Vanessa for the first 2 years of her life was extremely tiring and sometimes frustrating for us. She was, among other things, a picky eater and had bad sleep habits. After we were introduced to the SleepTalk program, she immediately showed improvements in patience and became more open to accepting and interacting with outsiders. As the weeks went by, she slept better, became more affectionate and had improved eating habits. The rewards of SleepTalk were amazing and all we invested was just our time of a few minutes a day." (Jason & Mary, parents of a hyper 2.5 yr old)

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Testimonial 4

The Sleep Talk really show it effect. It did help my elder daughter from easily start crying for any reason and accusing we more affectionate the younger sibling. Now she more mingle around and accept her sister and brother. She don't easily cry now. She more accepting her sibling especially her sister now then before and we really glad on that. We been apply the Sleep Talk to both elder and second, and now showing some positive improvement also. Thanks, we will continue using it.
Thank you.
Sean & Siew Ling

Testimonial 5

Hi Elis,

I just want to update on feedback from Isaac's teachers that I had received during his report card day. As you know, previously I've received a LOT of complaints on Isaac's behavior at school until the teachers suggested me to apply for OKU card for Isaac.
Therefore, I'm not expecting much when I went for his report card but guess what, Isaac actually got flying colors for his 1st semester exam. He managed to get 98 for bahasa malaysia, 96 for English, 94 for Mathematics, 90 for Arabic language, 96 for Science, 100 for PJK (Health Education) and his lowest marks is 73 for Religion subject. When I met his teachers, they told me that most of his problematic behaviors at school had almost gone.
It seems that almost his problematic behavior had gone now except for few small things. I'll observe him for all other areas that he needs to improve and maybe we can work on new script after Hari Raya holiday.
For the time being, I'll use the existing script and I would like to thank you very MUCH for all the assistance and support that you've given to me for the past few months.
Thank you Elis :-)