Sleep Talk Case Histories

~ Y is 9 years old and is the youngest of 3 siblings. Both parents are very busy thus the kids are left to the care of a maid. However, the parents make it a point to have family outings every Sunday. Y seems to suffer from sibling rivalry. He doesn't talk much to his siblings. When they play together, he is a sore loser and throws tantrums everytime he losses. The siblings are now reluctant to play with him. The parents heard About Sleep Talk and came for help. Two weeks later, Y is able to play with his siblings. Instead of throwing tantrums when he losses (he still does), he sulks and wants to play again. He talks to the siblings during meal times and the tension in the home is so much better now. ~

~ J is an 11 year old girl who grinds her teeth at night. She has a 18 month old baby sister. The parents are very strict in enforcing discipline. Although they don't pressure her, J stresses her self out and pressures herself to get good grades at school. She cries if she doesn't get the top 5 placing at  school and forces herself to do her homework even if she is sick. After 1 night of Sleep Talk, she stopped grinding her teeth! After a week of Sleep Talk, she is starting to have a different approach to studies. She is more relaxed and enjoys studying and she doesn't make so many careless mistakes anymore. ~