Self Hypnosis

Simple steps for Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a tool that can help one to achieve their desires and goals. It helps you to access the power of your 

subconscious mind. In fact, all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

When you practice self hypnosis, you change your thoughts, beliefs and energy about who you are, giving yourself 

the opportunity to transform your life!


             1. Go to a quiet room and sit in any comfortable chair or couch. Although some people prefer to lie down, you are 

       more susceptible to falling asleep than when sitting up.

2.         2. Make sure you are not going to be disturbed for at least half an hour.

3.         3. Close your eyes and start to get rid feelings of fear, stress or anxiety from your mind. When you begin, you 

       might find it difficult not to think, but it would become better over time.


       4. Recognize the tension in your body. Beginning with your toes, imagine the tension slowly falling away from your 

       body and vanishing. Visualize each part of your body becoming lighter and lighter as the tension is removed.


       5. Take slow, deep breaths.


       6. Appreciate the fact that you are now extremely relaxed.


       7. Say positive statements in your mind. 2 or 3 times should be enough.


       8. Allow yourself about 2-3 minutes to enjoy the relaxation process before opening your eyes. Take your time getting up. Tell yourself "Wide awake, wide awake." This will put your mind back in the conscious state.