Hypno-Band FAQs

Hypno-Band FAQs

What is the Hypno-Band weight loss system?

The Hypno-Band system is a hypnotherapy technique that uses the power of your mind to fix a "virtual gastric band" 

to your stomach, making you eat less and yet feel full.

Q: Does it involve surgery?

A: No! The Hypno-Band system is a non-invasive behaviour changing method that uses the concepts and 

techniques of hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

Q: Does it hurt?

A: No, in fact, the whole procedure is extremely relaxing and pleasurable experience. 

Q: Are there side effects?

A: No. There would not be any negative side effects associated with undergoing this procedure.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes! Hypno-Band is perfectly safe. In Advance Dynamics Asia, your therapist is a certified Hypno-Band practitioner 

and abides by the Code of Ethics of professional bodies.

Q: Will I be under the hypnotherapist's control?

A: No. The therapist cannot make you do anything against your wishes. When you are under hypnosis, you are fully 

under control.

Q: Am I suitable for the Hypno-Band weight loss system?

A: If you are overweight and have a strong desire to lose weight, then you should be suitable. However, in some 

cases, you might not be eligible for this treatment.


               If you are taking medications.         


                         If there is a physical reason for your weight gain. 


                         If you expect quick fix immediate results.

Q: Will it work for me?

A: The change element is actually in your own hands. No weight loss system will ever work if you are not committed 

to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your lifestyle as well as your eating habits. If you are seriously 

committed, then the Hypno-Band will work for you.