About Sleep Talk

"The child is the father of man."
                                         - William Wordsworth


We all know that the child will be the leader of tomorrow so it is very important that we give them the best we can today to ensure that they grow up to be healthy, happy and positive people. Sleep Talk for Children is the best gift that any parent can give to their child, a gift that can last a lifetime.

The Goulding Sleep Talk process is easy to learn, takes parents only a few minutes daily at bedtime, and it can't be "done wrong". It is absolutely safe, ethical and positive. Sleep Talk is for people who are looking for a simple, non-intrusive self-esteem and behaviour change process for children that can help parents achieve what they want most-happy children and happy families.

The process is about developing a child's emotional resilience, the firewall of the mind which protects against negative suggestions; much like a firewall of a computer protects it from outside interference and damage.

After coming across so many cases, we still get amazed by the results of Sleep Talk. Parents who have underwent the program have mentioned that it could be just plain coincidence or magic. But it is not. It is Sleep Talk.

To find out more, please listen to the podcast (http://www.bfm.my/sleep-talk-process.html) to listen to our live interview on BFM, 89.9.

  •      The Goulding Sleep Talk process empowers parents to help their children to achieve self- confidence, inner strength and to help with general and specific issues in their lives.

  •      Children's healthcare professionals have been using the Goulding Sleep Talk process for over 30 years.

  •      It can help with issues such as separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, bed-wetting, nail-biting, nightmares, sleep disturbances, behaviour issues, ADHD, increasing school performance/ sports performance etc. 

Learn more about the Goulding Sleep Talk Process here!


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