Living with a mental disorder

People usually said that their lives were difficult. If people were diagnosed with a mental disorder, then their lives would become significantly harder. I am diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD for short). A mental disorder can start developing in an individual at any point in his/ her life. I was officially diagnosed with OCD … Read more

A personal account about anxiety

Among all the emotions that people feel in daily life, anxiety is one less commonly encountered in oneself than others. Anxiety is also less intuitive to understand, unlike more easily understandable feelings like happiness or sadness for example. There are ways to help most people understand and empathize with this emotion. This personal account is … Read more

Meet the Leppers: the social lives of people with mental disorders

By EC When people talk about mental health and mental disorders when it goes wrong, they usually talk about the biological and psychological aspects of people?s lives with mental disorders. Comparatively less is talked about the social effects having a mental disorder can have on both the ailing people and other people around them. This … Read more