Mental Health Webinar 2021 

We dedicate ourselves to assisting and supporting our clients in reaching their highest potential and maximizing their wellness through delivery of superior development programmes. Through the safe and ethical practice of hypnosis and other psychological tools, and therapies; our consultants and trainers would be able to guide you to realise your capabilities and further develop them. Be it for individual therapy sessions or programmes directed to organisations, the team at Joyce Hue Mind Therapy will work together with you closely to assist you to achieve your goals. We acknowledge that every individual and every company is unique and special, thus our aim is to modify our programmes to fit your needs.

We believe that everyone has their own uniqueness and skills. Each organization too has their strengths and values. Our team will help them to improve or to sharpen their capabilities. We have provided a platform for you so together, we can launch you into greater heights.

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Services based in Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
International consultations available.


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